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Carrosserie Saint-Aubert is specialised so,in the design and manufacture of special emergency vehicles. 

Particular attention is paid to ergonomics: these vehicles with their highly complex equipment have to be continually improved to increase efficiency in conditions that are often difficult.


• Workshop lorry 

• Colon P.C.

• Command post with extension 


• Depollution trailer 
• Road accident trailer

Other types of vehicles : 

• Off-road vehicle fittings 
• Road accident vehicle fittings 
• Dog handler vehicle fittings 
• Winches (hydraulic, electric)

• Forward medical post 
• Remote medical vehicle
• General purpose lorry 
• Diving vehicle fittings

Carrosserie SAINT-AUBERT

834 Route de Saintes - B.P.10031 - 17412 SAINT JEAN D'ANGELY

Tιl: (00 33) - Fax: (00 33)